Conceptual Designs


Thank you to everyone who has provided guidance and feedback which helps FHIA and SiteWorkshop understand the community’s priorities for the future of First Hill Park. Through the public events, your emails, the focus groups, and the ‘text the park’ program we’ve received hundreds of comments and are grateful for your time and thoughtfulness in guiding the future of this important community place.

For those who’ve been unable to attend the events, we want to ensure your voice gets heard as well. If you would please take a moment to review these slides and provide us with your thoughts via email we’d appreciate it very much!

First Hill Park Design Concept

View the slides of the original concept.
Concept Update

Next Steps

We will continue to receive public feedback and input as we move forward into the construction document development phase. We expect to have the Park under construction the Winter of 2017 and reopened Spring of 2018.


Please email FHIA Director Alex Hudson at with your comments. Your feedback is critical to the success of this project, and we are grateful for your time.