First Hill Park RFQ

RFQ: Community Vision Process and Site Design Development for First Hill Park

The First Hill Improvement Association (FHIA) is accepting proposals from qualified firms to lead a community visioning process and develop schematic designs for a redesign of First Hill Park. The final deliverable is an approved schematic design with cost estimates. The budget for this project is $22,500 with anticipated project completion in August of 2016.

Background and Project Description

First Hill Park is a .25 acre urban park located in a densely populated residential neighborhood. Located along University Street, a future neighborhood greenway, the park offers visitors a quiet, contemplative experience with dense tree canopy, benches, and picnic tables. However, the park suffers from significant loitering, drug-dealing, and overnight camping. The park is underutilized and perceived in the community as a troubled area. f8ed5-motleyfirsthillparktwo

Surrounded by mid- and high-rise residential buildings as well as major medical institutions, First Hill Park provides one of the neighborhood’s only public open spaces. As development and density pressures increase, and further park land acquisition efforts remain bleak, the First Hill community needs the park to be a safe, healthy, and active place for the benefit of all.

FHIA has been working to activate and understand the issues facing the park, and the community and Parks Department‘s priorities. It has become clear that a re-envisioning process is timely, and we now seek a consultant team to assist in this process.

The selected consultant will work with the First Hill Improvement Association and our partners at the Seattle Parks Department, to develop a schematic design for First Hill Park. This project builds off the First Hill Public Realm Action Plan, leveraging city and community investments to implement priorities for the shared environment.

Project Scope

FHIA seeks to engage a consultant who specializes in public space and park activation, and has a background in public engagement and outreach, familiarity with the First Hill community, designing public spaces which serve multiple user groups in an urban environment, and existing relationships with key City departments including Parks, SDOT, and SPD.

The consultant will lead the project development, including public outreach, creation of schematic designs and development of a final plan to be approved of by the community and the Parks Department.

The consultant will report to the FHIA Director, and will submit regular reports to the FHIA Board of Trustees. The FHIA Director will help the consultant manage the project scope, schedule, and budget and will support the work of the consultant through regularly scheduled progress reviews, by using FHIA resources and networks to conduct outreach and marketing, and by engaging our network of members and community partners.

Project Elements

1) Demographic Study and Public Outreach

> Produce demographic information of current and potential likely users of First Hill Park.

> Perform site analysis.

> Develop and implement robust public engagement plan to understand the community priorities for First Hill Park. Outreach to include at least three public events, online survey, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups involving multiple First Hill stakeholders and users. This process must follow the Parks Department Public Involvement Policy.

2) Design Concepts and Vision Development

> Using community feedback and in conjunction with the Parks Department, develop concept designs to produce a single schematic design and cost estimates for First Hill Park. These design should include sufficient detail to show a site plan, and circulation. These plans should be implementable and adopted by the neighborhood at-large and the Parks Department.

3) Report, Graphics, and Presentation

> Final Report of Design and Vision Document including Cost Estimate appropriate for presentation, outreach, fundraising, and advocacy.

> Presentation at one FHIA public meeting, with goal of community adoption of plan.

Project Budget

This project is funded through a grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Matching Fund. The budget for this project is $22,500.

Project Qualifications

The following is a list of desired qualification that should be discussed within the proposal:

> Proven experience in creating implemented schematic designs for urban parks

> Experience collaborating with diverse stakeholders

> Experience facilitating large community meetings

> Expertise developing comprehensive site plans

> Creative, innovative, and flexible design approach

> Proven experience in planning, design, and phased construction projects of similar scale and comparable scope

> Experience with the First Hill Community
RFQ Specifications

Please send five (5) hard copies, stapled, and an electronic file to Alex Hudson, FHIA Director, 910 Boylston Ave Seattle, WA 98104 by 5pm February 26th.

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Letter of interest: One page, identify lead firm, project manager, and key staff proposed to work on the project.
  2. Proposal: 12 page faces maximum. Cover page not counted toward page limitation.

> Profile of the firm, including number of employees, location, number of years in business, relevant experience, and identification of any sub-consultants.

> Description of your project understanding and your approach to satisfying the requirements of the scope.

> Qualification of the team as it relates to this project, including:

o Resumes of the project manager and key staff assigned to work on the project.

o Description of similar recent projects completed, including year completed, how well the project met the scope, timeline, budget, construction cost, references, and owner’s representative contact information. Demonstrated success in designing similar projects with grant funding is a plus.

> Experience working with community groups and public agencies, facilitation of community meetings and workshops, and consultations with volunteer committees;

> At least two professional references (including contact information) for similar projects.

RFQ Timeline

January 26, 2016 RFQ Advertisement posted in the DJC

February 26, 2016 Proposal submittals due by 5:00pm

March 4, 2014 Short-listed firms will be notified

March 14-15, 2016 Interviews

March 18, 2016 Notification of selected firm

March 25, 2016 Contract signed and Notice to Proceed

Anticipated final project deliverable is August 2016.

Contact Information

Direct questions in writing to FHIA Director Alex Hudson,