Land Use and Development on First Hill

First Hill is a dynamic and growing urban neighborhood in a rapidly changing Seattle. Our proximity to major employment centers, multi-modal transit hubs, and our high walkability make First Hill a highly desirable place to live.

The city’s Comprehensive Plan identifies First Hill as an Urban Village, and the associated zoning codes allow for some of the city’s highest densities and tallest buildings. In a booming Seattle, these factors combine to create an ever-expanding landscape of new development and land use.

The First Hill Improvement Association tracks these changes as part of our Strategic Plan. We work with developers, residents, and other stakeholders to foster conversations about how development can best serve First Hill today – and tomorrow.

Below you will find a map of projects planned or underway in our community. If you click on a property, you will be shown an image of the project and a link with more information about that project. We are committed to keeping this web page as current as possible, though in an ever-shifting development climate, there may be delays. If you are interested in learning more about land use on First Hill, want to work with us on these issues, or have information to share, please get in touch with us at

First Hill Projects Planned *As of 03/22/2017, there are 4,474 units proposed or under construction.



If you are interested in learning more about land use planning on First Hill, these resources may be of interest.


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