Review and Vote on the Interstate 5 Column Painting Proposals!

The First Hill Improvement Association  is excited to be able to make changes to the columns underneath Interstate 5 between Cherry and James Streets. We’re grateful to have the help from Urban Artworks to install and paint the selected art design.

Before our partners at Urban Artworks are able to paint the selected art design, we need your input! Please review each proposal from 5 local artists and vote on the design you’d like to see underneath the Interstate. The proposals are provided below, as well as a link to vote. Remember, you can only vote once! Get to it!

Interstate 5 Column Painting Proposals



  • I do not have a Google acct, nor do I want one. Why impede this voting process by requiring one?

    My vote is for the Nathan Watkins proposal.

    Thank you.

  • Watkins seems to me especially fine. Alyea-Stromberg is of high quality, as are they all, but is pretty jumpy, unacceptably so for this usage, I think. Grant Hildebrand, Architect, Professor Emerituss

  • Waste of time and money, besides use the resources to clean up the trash and graffiti that pollutes every corner of this city.

  • Nathan Watkins has my vote……………it has a really nice feel to it……nothing to read……not too abstract though on the modernity style, forward thinking. They are all quite creative with much thought taken to account. Barb Scharman

  • Rochelle Barker

    Nathan Watkins has my vote! Creative with much thought put into the proposal.

  • Base Fibonacci. Its subtle, doesn’t scream out and perhaps distract drivers

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