Check Out the First Hill Improvement Association’s 2017 Committee Priorities

The First Hill Improvement Association Board agreed to focusing on the following goals and priorities for each committee in 2017:

Clean, Healthy, Safe Neighborhood

  • Recruit new Committee leadership.
  • Host a Find It, Fix It Walk with Mayor Murray on First Hill.

Membership and Outreach

  • Create a branded outreach kit for public events fully stocked with FHIA and partner organizations.
  • Increase Individual Membership by 50%, to 180.
  • Institute “Member of the Month” element to the FHIA newsletter.
  • Oversee creation of a new brochure, and get it included in the Welcome Bags of at least 4 buildings.


  • Create committee that meets bimonthly with reps from small businesses, major institutions, and residents.
  • Host Mobile Business Clinic with Office of Economic Development support.
  • Survey 30 local businesses to assess their needs, priority concerns, and opportunities.


  • Advocate for extension of Restricted Parking Zones on First Hill. FHIA will meet with the RPZ program manager to understand what changes are planned for First Hill’s RPZ allotment and to make suggestions.
  • Fix pedestrian issues at signalized intersections. FHIA will meet with the traffic engineering department to advocate for deactivation of “beg buttons” at signalized intersections.
  • Protect First Hill’s transit options. FHIA will continue to remain involved in monitoring proposed changes to bus routes on First Hill, particularly the Route 2, 3 & 4.
  • Steward installation of pedestrian crosswalk at 9th & Columbia. This ask has been made to SDOT, who are in agreement of the need. FHIA hopes that this crosswalk with be a pedestrian activated full signal. FHIA will identify other intersections that ought to be signalized and promote installation of safe crosswalks.

Urban Design and Public Space

  • Acquire funding for 2 block Terry Avenue woonerf and recommend next steps for neighborhood involvement in creating the design.
  • Create standardized list of questions, criteria, precedence for evaluation of private and public development. ex: lighting, seating, amenities.
  • Develop comprehensive plan for expanding FH tree canopy, achieve expansion objectives outlined in that plan.
  • Install two benches, and four street libraries.

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