Attend the First Hill Park Design Workshop May 24th

FHIA is proud to announce we received $25,000 in grant funding from the Department of Neighborhood’s Neighborhood Matching Fund to engage the community in a visioning and concept design for First Hill Park.

The goal of this project is to come together as a community so we may understand priorities, develop a vision, and create concept designs toward making First Hill Park a safe and active open space for all.

Join us at First Hill Park (Minor & University) at 6:00pm on Tuesday May 24th for the first in a series of public workshops to gather ideas, priorities, and aspirations for our neighborhood park.

Our design team at SiteWorkshop will be facilitating this workshop, which is an open house style meeting with a short presentation at 6:15pm. The meeting is free and open to the public. Your voice is critical to developing the best possible plan, so bring a neighbor and come by for as long as you can!

For more information contact FHIA Director Alex Hudson at We hope to see you there!



  • I think First Hill should check out the 12th Avenue Square Park for a few ideas. It’s the new park across the street from SU’s outdoor athletic track. What’s immediately striking is the inversion of the typical hardscape-to-green ratio: this park is mostly concrete with what green there is occurring mostly at the corners and along property line next to a neighborhood house. Its wide—practically-as-wide-as-the-sidewalk—entrances and the ample space to stroll make the space feel welcoming, safe, friendly. Sightlines are excellent. Would something like this be too much concrete for First Hill, especially adjacent to Stimson Green? Probably. And it’s hard to think of doing away with traditional park benches at First Hill. But the boldness of the thinking at Square Park should throw down the gauntlet for those re-inventing at First Hill.

  • Leave the First Hill Park on Minor alone. We need grass, not fancy chairs and tables. If anything, add a hypodermic needle drop box for the junkies that shoot up there.
    Please do not have concerts or public events there. This is a residential neighborhood that values quiet and serenity.

  • I sympathize with people who want a traditional passive park at Minor and University. The park at John and 15th across from Safeway would be an ideal for this group. But the opportunity was to improve–increase–access and appeal for neighborhood people, How do you do that by leaving everything as it is plus the addition of a needle drop box?

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