SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 7 Community Workshop about WSDOT Land by I-5 and Yesler Way

Do you have an interest in the management, safety, and long term use of the green space right of way (ROW) along I-5 that is operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)? Several areas of this property near Yesler Way, east of I-5, are currently being used by people experiencing homelessness. The need for permanent affordable and supportive housing in Seattle continues to be an extremely high priority. Unfortunately, the immediate negative health, sanitation, and safety impacts of the current encampments in the ROW are increasing. And many of the surrounding communities are expressing their concern and looking for better management of this land area. In response, stakeholders have begun initial conversations with WSDOT to learn more about the department’s land use, management, and safety protocols.

After learning more from WSDOT, the Yesler Terrace Community Council and SHA would like to invite you to join the conversation so we can work together to identify and create community based solutions. We will be hosting a neighborhood workshop on Wednesday, October 7th, to explore neighborhood ideas and opinions about uses of this land that could provide community benefits. SHA will specifically be presenting research about three potential positive and legal activity zones including community gardening, urban farming, and off-leash dog spaces. The workshop agenda will include a community discussion about the researched activities as well as dialogue about other ideas drawn from participants. Please save the date.


Neighborhood Workshop: Community Uses of the WSDOT Land by Yesler Way

Wednesday, October 7, 6:00-8:00 pm

Yesler Community Center, 917 East Yesler Way

*Interpreters will be provided for Somali, Amharic, Tigrinya, and Vietnamese. If you would like additional language services in order to participate, please let us know.  A supervised children’s play area will also be available.

We welcome interested groups who would like to participate in the dialogue about this community land resource. Please help spread the word and bring your constituent groups to the conversation. And if you do intend to participate in the workshop, please contact us so we can plan accordingly and send you further details and invitations.  If you are interested, but can not attend this workshop on October 7th, please let us know. We can find alternative ways to include you and connect with your group. If you are aware of other interested individuals or area groups you think we should contact, please send us that information so we can reach out.


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