Parking changes soon on First Hill

Changes to on-street paid parking hours are coming soon to First Hill. Paid hours will go later into the evening, charging from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday. We plan to start the installation in the second week of August, and it will take through September to finish the project.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is making this change as part of their Performance-based Parking Pricing Program. Since late 2010, they have set on-street parking rates and hours of operation based on occupancy data to achieve a goal of one to two spaces available per block. They believe they can improve the parking experience by aiding people in finding parking faster, which also means less circling traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.

On First Hill, with results from our 2015 Annual Paid Parking Study, street parking occupancy at 7 PM was at 99%. Parking is overly full during the daytime as well (at a daytime peak of 94%). The Annual Paid Parking Study is online here and First Hill data is on page 34. SDOT has made similar changes to parking hours in other Seattle neighborhoods with these kinds of data results.

SDOT will be distributing postcards to businesses and medical offices highlighting the changes.  At the pay stations, parkers will see new large overhead signs stating that paid parking hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM. In addition, bright orange flags will be displayed on blocks stating that paid hours are now until 8 PM.

For questions, please contact Mary Catherine Snyder at SDOT at 206-684-8110 or


One comment

  • Patricia Jacobsen

    In what other neighborhoods do residents have to pay to park in front of their residences? Magnolia? Queen Anne? Madrona? Why are First Hill residents being treated like second-class citizens? And when those in other neighborhoods invite someone over for dinner, do your guests have to pay to park their cars?

    This new “policy” is completely uncalled for.

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