Changes to Bus Service affect First Hill

King County Metro has proposed the following cuts to transit service that serves First Hill. These cuts, if approved by the King County Council, will go in effect in February of 2015 and represent the second round of reductions, eliminations, and revisions to transit services throughout King County. These cuts are necessary due to major budget shortfalls at King County Metro.

  • Route 2 – Metro is still proposing to move Route 2 off Seneca/Spring to Madison/Marion and terminating it at Madison and First with no through service of Route  2 on Third Avenue to Queen Anne. Thus Route 2 would only run from Madrona to First Avenue on Union and Madison/Marion.
  • Route 3 and 4 – Metro is deleting Route 4 and increasing frequency on Route 3 at least as far as 23rd.
  • Route 12 – Metro is still proposing to delete service on 19th and run only 8 one-way runs  on Madison between First and 15th at peak times (5 westbound in the morning and 3 eastbound in the evening) to supplement  Route 2.
  • Route 27 – Metro has kept Route 27 alive with a new routing. It will serve Leschi at peak times, but otherwise will turn around at 23rd and Yesler. The new routing has it turn north at Broadway to Spruce and then follow 9th across First Hill to Seneca where it will turn west to Third Avenue and return on Spring Street.
  • Route 60 – Appears to have been saved from this round of cuts, and will continue to serve First Hill along Ninth Avenue and connect the neighborhood to north Capitol Hill and Beacon Hill.

FHIA is actively supporting the campaign to pass Proposition 1 in November. This measure would provide a funding mechanism to purchase transit services within Seattle city limits, and would prevent the changes described above from occurring. For more information about this campaign, and how you can support it, please check the FHIA website and the Yes for Seattle Transit campaign website.


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