Help Save Transit on First Hill

The First Hill Improvement Association recognizes that a high level of transit service is critical for the tens of thousands of workers, residents, and visitors who come to First Hill for health care, recreation, and to live. We are proud to endorse and actively support passage of Seattle’s Proposition 1 for the November 2014 ballot.

WHAT: Proposition 1 proposes a $60 car tab, with a $20 reduction for low-income residents, and a 0.01% increase to the sales tax within the Seattle city limits. Monies raised will fund bus routes that have at least 80% of their stops in Seattle, preventing massive cuts to King County metro service that would affect 13 of First Hill’s 16 routes.

WHY: FHIA understands that a variety of transportation modes are necessary for First Hill, and that transit is especially critical to our community.

  • With more than 35,000 jobs, First Hill is the second densest employment center in Seattle and the most densely populated residential neighborhood in Seattle.
  • Several high rise developments are underway on First Hill, with more coming. This increased population of new residents will live in dense, transit-oriented housing and will require transit services.
  • Less than 50% of existing First Hill residents own a car, making it one of the most transit-dependent areas in the city.
  • Home to significant elderly and disable populations as well as people living under the poverty line, transit services on First Hill serve social justice objectives and allow for those who can’t or don’t drive the ability to lead independent lives.
  • As the healthcare hub for the region, reductions to transit services to and from First Hill represent significant barriers to accessing vital, life-saving care.
  • Transit service to First Hill provides workers the ability to get to and from work at the major institutions, allows patients to receive ongoing and preventative care, and allows loved ones to visit friends and family in the hospitals.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: There are lots of ways you can get involved to support busses on First Hill, and FHIA is here to help.

  • Register to vote! Voter registration cuts off in October, make sure your information is accurate and register online to ensure your voice is heard.
  • Show your support! Hang a campaign poster in the window, lobby, and/or elevator of your business or residence. FHIA will bring them right to you, and have them for distribution at our public meetings and events.
  • Spread the word! Send your neighbors facts about the importance of busses to our community, FHIA has created a helpful one-pager explaining the importance of transit to our neighborhood.
  • Be a building captain! FHIA will provide you with window signs and handouts you can distribute to your neighbors, and links you can share with them via email.

Contact FHIA Coordinator Alex Hudson at if you want to get involved. FHIA is here to help!



One comment

  • Good evening folks … in case any of you have missed the announcement, here are the planned service changes for First Hill if the Ballot Initiative mentioned above fails to pass.

    Potential February 2015 Changes to First Hill bus service:

    Rt. 2 Moves to Madison west of 12th ave. Replaces Rt. 12
    Rt. 3 Additional frequency
    Rt. 4 Cancelled
    Rt. 9X becomes One-way non-holiday workday peak-only service
    Rt. 12 becomes One-way non-holiday workday peak-only service (all service east of 15th ave E discontinued)
    Rt. 27 Will now leave Yesler Way at 9th ave and serve Spring/Seneca streets (looping at 3rd ave)
    Rt. 60 will continue service but will run less frequently at night and will end service altogether earlier

    N-S access via Rt. 60 will be retained
    N-S access will be enhanced along 9th ave by the addition of the Rt. 27
    Virginia Mason will at least be served by the route 27

    Rt. 2/12 change is going to happen (will most likely happen even if the Ballot Initiative passes as this is something that Metro has wanted to change for a long time)
    Rt. 12/9X become confusing one-way peak-only routes that don’t serve/benefit the resident community … only commuters

    To view all the changes … please click here: and then simply click on the route number that is relevant to you.

    Note: I am still trying to convince Metro to move the 3 to serve Spring/Seneca, 9th ave and then Jefferson (like it does today) … This would retain the single seat ride from First Hill / Virginia Mason (at least) to the CBD and Queen Anne.

    The 27 could easily be routed up/down James st to continue to serve that area



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