Famers Markets Bring Fresh Food to First Hill


VMMC_Express PosterTwo famers markets on First Hill are bringing fresh, local produce directly to workers and residents of our community.

Mondays from 10am to 2pm. The Lindeman Pavillion at 9th and Seneca at Virginia is home to Pike Place Market Express, which brings Pike Place Market farmers and artisan food vendors  to First Hill through the end of September. This market accepts state and local food subsidies such as WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition Program Coupons and EBT (aka food stamps). EBT customers can double their spending dollars (up to $10 per person per day) through the City of Seattle’s Fresh Bucks Program. Their goal is to make fresh, healthy, local foods available to everyone. As a bonus, anyone spending more than $15 at the market this summer will get a free, reusable Pike Place Market tote bag!

Wednesday and Fridays from 10am to 3pm. The Clean Green program brings fresh food straight from their farm in Duvall to Harborview Medical Center, twice a week on 9th Avenue in front of Harborview Hall. Clean Greens is a small nonprofit organization, owned and operated by longstanding African American residents of Seattle’s Central District. They will have a wide selection of vegetables, greens, herbs and other fresh produce on hand at each farm stand, and we will be open every week, rain or shine!


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