July Public Meeting Notes

On July 9th FHIA held a public meeting at Horizon House. Over 100 community members attended the meeting, the theme of which was “Transportation” Meeting notes are below.

  • Meeting introduced and attendees greeted by Bob Anderson, Horizon House CEO.
  • Meeting called to order by Mary Ellen Hudgins, FHIA President.
  • An update on the First Hill Improvement Association was given by Alex Hudson, FHIA Coordinator.
  • Marty Minkoff and Jack Whisner of King County Metro presented about the upcoming cuts to transit service and the impacts that will have to First Hill. 13 of the 16 routes that serve First Hill are facing cuts or eliminations if the cuts are approved by the King County Council. Information about those cuts can be found on their handout, located here.
  • Maria Koengeter from Seattle Department of transportation presented about the study underway to develop a Bus Rapid Transit line on Madison. The study is in the initial phases, and opportunities for public engagement will occur throughout the process. Those opportunities and other information about the Madison BRT can be found on her presentation, located here.

The next meeting of the First Hill Improvement Association is September 9, at the Frye Art Museum. More information can be found here.


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