July Public Meeting – July 8

The next meeting of the First Hill Improvement Association will be on Tuesday July 8, from 6pm to 7:30pm. The location is:

Horizon House
900 University St, Seattle, WA 98104

Our agenda includes presentations from representative of:

  • SDOT. SDOT will present updates on the proposed Madison Bus Rapid Transit line including project overview, scope, and timeline.
  • King County Metro. Representatives from King County Metro will present on the proposed transit cuts resulting from the failure of April’s Proposition 1, and how these will affect our community.

We hope you’ll able to join us for this neighborhood update. Invite your neighbors!


One comment

  • So thank you for having Metro and SDOT attend the meeting last night.

    Here is my suggestion for saving bus service by Virginia Mason Hospital since the Route 2 bus is not going to be saved.

    Instead of complaining about the inevitable, lets petition Metro to do the following.

    Have Metro move Route 3 to go from 3rd ave up/down Spring/Seneca to 9th ave. There it can turn onto 9th ave using the existing trolleybus wire. which extends all the way to Harborview.

    ETB wires/infrastructure ALREADY EXIST
    keeps service to Virginia Mason
    keeps service on 9th ave (which will loose all its bus service with the canceling of the route 60)
    removes the 3 from the nightmare that is James St. (a problem most of the day in both directions) … especially when trying to turn left onto James from 9th Ave.
    retains bus service to the Frye Art Museum
    greater chance of upgrading the 3 to an articulated trolley bus (I think 9th/James corner is too sharp)

    would require Metro’s plans for improving bus flow at Spring St (which were put on hold)

    removes E-W bus service on James from 3rd to 9th ave … although people only have to go 2-3 blocks north to spring/seneca to catch it

    bus stops losing service:
    8th/James … new bus stop 1/2 block up/down James st to 9th ave (bus stop already exists)
    5th/James … existing N-S buses can connect to buses on Madison and Spring/Seneca
    3rd/James … existing N-S buses can connect to buses on Madison and Spring/Seneca

    While this solution is not perfect … I think that it is doable and that it will allow bus service to be retained to Virginia Mason as well as the 9th ave residents while allowing for connections to the current/future Madison St. bus lines.


    Gordon Werner

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