June Public Meeting Notes

June Public Meeting Notes

On June 8th FHIA held a public meeting at The Polyclinic Madison. Over 70 community members attended the meeting, the theme of which was “Open Space.” Meeting notes are below.

  • Meeting called to order by Mary Ellen Hudgins, FHIA President.
  • FHIA board member Jim Erickson introduced the Open Space theme, provided history of park acquisition efforts of First Hill, and described how FHIA will work with city government to advance open space goals for the neighborhood. His notes can be found here.
  • Susan McGoughlin of Seattle Department of Transportation gave a presentation of the Public Realm Activation Plan on First Hill. The plan is being developed by a consultant now, and will is due for completion in in late summer. The Public Realm Activation Plan will include streetscapes, designs, and temporary installations on 8th Avenue between James and Seneca, Terry Avenue between Terrace and Madison, Terrace between Broadway and Harborview Hall, and the intersection at Union, University, and Boylston. Her presentation can be found here.
  • Laura Becker of the Office of Arts and Culture presented information about Art Interruptions, a series of temporary art installations to be installed on First Hill in August. 10 artists have been selected, and their pieces will be installed and up for display between August in October. More information about the program here.
  • Cathy Tuttle of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways presented information about SNG. SNG advocates for pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets throughout Seattle. SNG identifies and hopes to implement streets that are safe, inviting, and friendly for children and adults to walk and bike. The presentation can be found here.



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